嗯。。。怎么说呢?同一个地方,总会给我不同的感觉,不同的启发。我只能说,生命太短暂了。当然,我也希望看得更多,走得更远,但我希望自己是一个traveller 而不是一个tourist。A traveller often has no idea where she’s going; no purpose and perhaps, just aimless wandering to some people. However, she will come back knowing where she has been. A tourist has her destination in mind, but often has no idea where she has been after she has come back. I guess that’s why lots of people take photographs when they go on trips. So that they will know where they’ve been when they look back one day.

我不喜欢拍照,但向往自己能是一个优越的摄影師/画家/作者。I don’t like to take photos of myself because that will be from my angle. I don’t like others to take photos of me because that is what I choose to show others. I like to take photos of others when they are unaware, or even when they are aware, I would like to capture the atmosphere, or their mood at that moment. But I know I’m not a good enough photographer to do that. And I consider it an invasion of privacy if others take pictures of me without asking. Hahaha…difficult person I am.

So…writing’s good for poor people like me. Let’s face it. Photography is an expensive hobby, even with advancement in technology that makes equipment cheaper and taking photos for the amateur so easy these days. Drawing and painting…you need the necessary materials, although one may argue that you can just do pencil sketches. Ok, I just can’t draw; I NEVER doodle even when I’m bored. I write. Hopefully, someday my writing will take me somewhere…

You know, people tell me that you can’t remember events accurately if you don’t take photos. Well, yes…but sometimes, I wonder whether it’s meaningful to remember things as they were. Perhaps the me as I am now values the actual experience at the now more. For instance, if I forget all my knowledge of Japanese in future, will it be a shame? Yes, and no. Hahaha…I detect some semblance of resistance now…guess I’m still a long way off from the process of ‘letting go’.