Ooh…what’s with the title of this entry again? Many, many things, so a grand prize to the one who manages to guess it correctly.

Just kidding! No money to buy a prize, and more importantly, I don’t think anyone can guess. ^^; Pray tell, comes a shout from one of you (Yeah, right!) Hmm…ok, I feel like telling anyway. Hahaha…

It started with ‘Mad’, actually. It’s been mad (as in crazy) at work because I’m learning two systems at once and we are in the midst of our month-end closing. So ‘Argh!’, right? Got to do the sales report, and the costs are always giving me trouble because of the new ERP system that we’re using; you just never know what criteria the damned thing is using because we have so many ad-hoc cases. Talk about being smart enough to second-guess the computer! *Pant* BUT, I managed to tie the costs…took some ingenuity on my part, I say! *Ahem*

As for the other new system…it’s challenging all right. And I may really make quite a good programmer, so…who knows, after I gain some real, meaty experience in HR, I may want to learn some programming.

Mad also means being angry; I’m mad at certain somebodies for shirking their responsibilities, and I really wonder whether it’s because I’m not mature enough to realise that sometimes, I should just leave things be, or whether, as I’m more inclined to think, they are running away from the problem. Am I a person who doesn’t allow grey areas in my life? Well…yes and no. But that’s a deep issue. At least it is to me. Maybe for my next article…

Anyway, as I typed in ‘M.A.D.’, I noticed that if you read that in reverse, it becomes ‘D.A.M.’, and if you join the two without repeating the ‘D’, you get ‘M.A.D.A.M.’ Which makes me think of the fact that I prefer to be addressed as ‘Ma’am’ rather than ‘Ms’ when I go into a shop. And goodness forbid that the other party call me 小姐。I hate to be addressed as such. Like a nightclub hostess. And if I sound atas for thinking that, well…I’m just speaking my mind. Although I do know some women in this line in Japan, and I have nothing against them; in fact, I enjoyed speaking with them.

If we add an ‘E’ to the word, it becomes the French word for ‘Madam’; it becomes ‘M.A.D.A.M.E.’ And you know what I see in this word?

…’MAD AM (M)E’, which means that I’m bonkers, to put it bluntly.

Cheers to word play!