I’m here to defend my music list* today. One friend termed it ‘weird’. Hmph!

I know you didn’t mean it negatively, so that was just mock anger. Don’t worry!

Anyway, why ‘Black’? Well, I like black. Looks better on me than white. (growls)

No, but seriously, I always had this idea since Secondary School (Junior High School to some countries). If you paint a myriad of colours on a wheel such that each colour resembles a slice of pie, and then set the wheel to spin really fast, the naked eye sees only white, and not the individual colours. White has, throughout the times, been used to symbolise purity and goodness (ok, also used in Asian funerals)…but if we use the above analogy, white is not ‘pure’. Beneath white, there are colours. Purity, as made out by the naked eye, is composed of a variety of things. May be love, care and concern, and peace, but may also be anger, envy, and greed.

And you know, there is nice and there is ‘nice’. Similarly, there is good and there is ‘good’. Some people can be nice/good…but I just don’t like them. Hahaha! *Sour grapes* Hmm…but I think I can decipher insincerity versus goodness that comes from the heart. Then again, it may be just self-fulfilling prophecy; I have a bias against the person, he senses it, and acts according to my expectations.

Black, on the other hand, has been used to symbolise more negative things. Void…emptiness…evil…you get the idea. But, it’s not a bad idea to be in a vacuum where all distractions (that is, colours) are absent. If you’re brave enough to venture alone in the darkness, perhaps you get closer to


Is there such a thing in the first place? Well, that’s venturing into religion, and I’m too tired tonight to do that.

At least I believe that humans search for this, be it worthwhile or not.

In one Korean drama 마왕, the male protagonist said that if we read ‘live’ backwards, we get…’evil’. Really interesting huh? One wonders whether we need to be evil to live, or as we go on living we become evil. Perhaps both…



‘Knock, knock!’

‘Who’s there?’

‘It’s me.’

‘Do I know you?’

‘Yes…but you have forgotten about me. You have forgotten a lot of things. I’m here to remind you.’

‘Well…if I let you in, my whole world is going to change, right?’

‘Yes. But you will remember.’

‘Remember what?’

‘The beginning. And the end. And snapshots of the journey.’

I am the Master and the Student.

…And coming back to reality, it’s time to zzZZZ…

*My music list refers to the one I had on My Spaces. There are no plans at the moment to move it here.