I’m back from Seoul just last night. Tired! On holiday, but my holidays are usually tiring. I’m looking forward to the days when I can book into a luxurious hotel somewhere (Dubai, anyone?), and just spend days enclosed in the room, totally relaxed and away from everything.

In case anyone’s wondering…nope, I didn’t get anything for most of you. Hahaha! I don’t get souvenirs for my friends just for the sake of getting one. I went to a park, and a mountain within the short time I was there. What kind of souvenirs do you expect?? I bought expensive things for family though.

I bought kimchi back for you though, D*****. Because you happened to text me when I was there, and out of politeness (gasp!) I asked you. Anyway, will meet up with you soon to pass them to you.

Mewmew, I’m so touched by your message! (hug) I will leave my Friday nights and weekends open for you, but get back to me soon because I’m popular, okay?

Ooh…and I met a cute tour guide there! Joined a half-day tour on my first day because I was there too early and so wanted to kill some time. He’s younger than I am though. *Sigh* Do I have anything against younger men? Nope…but I can feel really young with him, or feel really old. And knowing me, it will probably be the latter. But you know what? I taught him a new word while on the tour, so I guess as he said, he really should hire me as his assistant. Hahaha…

I made another friend while shopping too. A lady this time. I walked past her shop, and she went something like, ‘Are you by any chance a Korean?’ She had this really incredulous look on her face because she knew that I should be a foreigner (the shopping bag I was carrying), but it doesn’t tally with my face. Yeah, my bloody face again. I look like anything except a Singaporean. People ask me for directions in foreign countries. I just understand a little bit of Korean…Anyway, they all know Japanese because there are lots of Japanese tourists there. It was really fun! I was alone there in a foreign country, but I ended up talking to four ladies and having this conversation about guessing one another’s age. But Korean women really maintain themselves well! We exchanged numbers, and she walked me all the way to the subway, and even helped me buy the T-Money (Ezylink for us). Was she good in business? Hell, yes. But shopping for me is much like everything else. I enjoy the experience. So if you give me a really good experience, you can bet I’d be willing to spend. It’s basic Psychology, actually. Lots of buyers out there with different motivations. If you can read them well, you have the business, simplistically speaking.

Koreans are really warm. At least, that’s how I feel. I mean, the old people there push and shove and do as they damn please all the time because of their age (don’t the elderly everywhere?!), but when you help them, etc., you find that they’re really nice. Even the taxi driver when I took the cab alone was nice; he told me to visit Korea again.

All these experiences definitely make me want to pick up the language. Seriously. When can I graduate from SHRI? I hope I won’t have to re-take anything because I have not been studying. I’m really happy that I got to learn from my tutors though, no matter whether I need to re-take a module or not. A friend told me that management courses should be learnt from experiences, not through books. Yes, I somewhat agree. But guess what? I spent hours honing my Japanese. With books. Granted, it wasn’t until I got into my first company that it got more realistic, etc. But…my foundation was already strong then, and that’s why the transition for me was less painful. Forgive me if I sound like I’m bragging, but all the Japanese tutors got to know who I was, even if they have never taught me. Am I pissed off with this friend? Well, yes. Because of the way he put that across. Like I said, even if I should flunk the damn thing, I won’t think I wasted money because people gain knowledge from different means; different people have different learning styles.

Maybe I’m not a practical person, but I have never been happy doing the ‘practical’ thing. But I guess I’m practical in the sense that I know that if I’m ready to slam the door in people’s faces, I must be prepared to have doors slammed in mine as well.