Well, don’t ask me what the title of this entry means. It’s just a phenomenon happening in my life right now, or something that I hope is happening. Let’s hope that my wishes come true.

Sometimes, it seems that my life is stagnant. Everyday is the same as the previous, and there’s no challenge. Phone’s silent most of the time, but guess what? When it rings, I get irritated. If I never hear the ringing of a phone again, I doubt I’ll miss it.

A few things I don’t like to be asked:

1) Where are you? (Seriously, when my mum calls to ask me this, I get really mad. Last time. I’ve mellowed a lot. Happens as you get older…)

2) What are you doing? (Having fun until you called…? Hahaha…just kidding. But seriously, I don’t really like this question. Unless it’s buddies/family).

3) Ms. Tan, can I have a few minutes of your time, please?…(I don’t see it as a few minutes of my time; I see it as a few minutes of my life. And I have told somebody, ‘I’m not interested in whatever you have to say, so you don’t have to explain.’ Ouch!)

Mean, right? I guess I’m just being me. I can spend the whole day gazing at clouds, but see, that’s an activity of my choice. Listening to salespersons will never be a choice of mine. Reason? A lot of people are pretty bad at it. Anything to do with providing service to people is not easy. Not everyone can do it well, and the point here is ‘well’. Maybe it’s because I’m reaching menopause soon and so my temper is pretty bad these days, but the other day, I went to this place where they sell fruit tarts (sorry, can’t remember the name of the shop), and I think I terrorised the waitress.

First of all, she went to serve another couple in the waiting line when we were the ones who were there first. I told her straight in a very curt tone, ‘We were here first.’ If I’m the boss, I cannot allow my staff to be so inattentive, but hah! I’m just a poor administrative officer in a small company. Anyway, I think she took a step back…Do I want to be a bloody b**** who acts all high and mighty? Nope, but I do not tolerate…lack of standards. According to context/settings of course.

Later on, we asked for the bill and you know what? She came over, EMPTY-HANDED, and told me how much it was VERBALLY! Hello?! Does anyone actually pay their bills like that?! In a restaurant/cafĂ©?! And I’m not even a regular! %^&*()_)&$DQW!@#$R^@##$%DSQ@!@R^&*&^$#@! That was childish. But satisfying. And sadly, true. My mind often goes like that (explicit unmentionables) nowadays.


Grumbling is hard work…

Anyway, have cut away my curls so my hair is…well, it’s a shag now. A messy one. Urgh! Seriously ladies & oops some gentlemen, how do you do your hair? I mean, how do you groom it? This knowledge has seriously eluded me since…forever, I think. It’s messy, no matter whether it’s up or down, or what I put on it. And I HATE putting gob on my hair. *Sigh* If the shape of my head is nice, I’d want to shave it all off…Anyway, a major cut is due. Chinese New Year 2010, here I come!

Talk about my trip to Taiwan next time? Sure, it was eventful, if not particularly exciting.

Europe, when will it be your turn? *Mope* But you know where I really want to go? Bhutan for her happy vibes, Ethiopia for her children’s smiles, Mongolia for children roaming the streets and becoming adults sooner than they should (well, I think so), Egypt for her history/legends…and Romania because it was once predicted that the environment will be suitable for me.

And this is why I thank the good Lord that I am literate, have a sound mind, a fertile imagination, and a propensity to optimism.

Oi…why are there so many boxes of moon cakes at home? Irrelevant, I know, but Happy Mid-Autumn’s, ladies & gentlemen!