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Yay, class is over, and I am home sweet home! It wasn’t that bad…hahaha, sorry N*****. Truth is, you are really good! Monday nights, no matter how tired I am, I know I’m not going to regret attending your class. And your daughter is one very lucky lass. ^^

Oh yes, I want to continue ranting and raving about my feet. I’ve experienced worse, believe me, but high as my general tolerance for pain is, my feet apparently do not fall under the ‘general’ category. They abhor pain, and any inkling of imprint on skin, much less the formation of a blister, will result in a very unhappy girl who will start to whine. Yes, you heard correctly. I hate whiners, but when my feet hurt, I definitely whine. Oh, and before you jump to conclusions that this is one woman who hates walking, I love to walk. Really. Even in heels. It’s therapeutic for me, actually. Of course, dangerous when I start to get lost in my thoughts and stop watching out for cars. Tiong (does anybody call you Tiong now?), it was good walking with you from Ikebukuro to Minami Senjuu. You were really a good sport, you know. I’ve never said this, but thank you for being so accommodating. You really went the extra mile for me. Literally. Hahaha…

Note of Gratitude to Pet (don’t be sad!):

Thanks for bringing my oldie shoes over to the office! Sorry I made you come all the way (even though it was a short way…), but I really appreciate that. *Sigh* Somehow, Double Mushroom Swiss doesn’t taste as good when you have to wolf it down. I would like to say ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ to you, but I know you’ll still worry anyway. Yes, I know…$’s dwindling and time’s wasting. But you know what? Sky’s still blue (don’t talk about pollution!), trees are still standing, and we do get a nice breeze now and then. And Singapore’s getting more crowded, taking public transportation is a drag, and people are getting weirder. Oh right. I’m supposed to cheer you up. (How to when I’m such a cynic myself?!) Anyway, not sure whether you’ve seen this particular advertisement on some of our buses, but it goes, ‘The best gift to your loved ones is yourself…Make it home safely’. Police advocating safety on the roads. But well, I just want to say that…do what you really want to (putting aside any constraints you have in mind). If ever a chance comes for you to leave the family, grab it & just go. Skills you don’t have? Believe me…bravado gets you in first, but you better not screw up thereafter. I used to think I couldn’t do a lot of things too…but sometimes, just have to stop thinking and start doing. M***** taught me that too…and I think he’s right. Trust me, everyone will be happier. Hahaha! Joke aside, I just know that. We all need to develop different perspectives, I guess…And in the end, we’ll all make it home safely. Because home is where the heart is. Physical distance is difficult to overcome, but…we have been through much worse together, right? So don’t worry, I have your back, just as you have mine.

Talk about mind being willing but body is weak…I need to shower and then hit the sack.

Zzz Zzz…