Didn’t sleep well last night because I slept the whole of Sunday afternoon. Think it must have been about 4 a.m. by the time I could get to sleep…

And the super wonderful news is that I have a class later on; more specifically, I have to run at 17:30 hours sharp. N***** is so going to love my goth/rock chick look. No, not the eye-liner. The dark eye circles, argh!!! Skip class? Yeah, thought of that…but he’s going to lecture on the topic my group has decided to do tonight. And we are going to play paper aeroplanes (serious!), so dragging myself there.

Dragging, and I mean dragging because my feet hurt. Am wearing the cute heels I bought in Korea today because I have been wearing my trusted Charles & Keith to death recently. Cute heels. Cute, but major ouch! factor. Wish I could tell you that when you bite your shoes, they won’t bite you back, but…old wives’ tale after all.

One minute left…N*****, you better be good tonight, or I am so going to give you the evil eye.

Ranting over…for now.