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My first entry…wonder whether I’ll regret it later, knowing how I am always so politically incorrect. However, perhaps the time is ripe for me to do this. You know, create a platform where I can share my thoughts with friends, have intelligent discussions with like-minded (and civilised debates with non-like-minded) people, and vent my frustrations in a manner that (hopefully) will not get me involved in libel suits. All these without bothering friends and acquaintances with my long and perhaps dreary e-mails (yes, I used to send those!).

I’m a thinker. Who talks a lot, particularly to myself. That kind of explains my low execution powers. And also perhaps my sense of detachment from a lot of things, even events that I’m directly involved in. Drives a lot of people mad, how impersonal I can be. That explains the title of this entry. I know my problem/weaknesses. I believe a lot of people know theirs as well. The challenge, I think, is how we overcome these shortcomings. Mind you, I’m not saying that I’m suddenly going to become this emotional, touchy-feely kind of lady, but well…it’s time to quiet down and listen and talk to myself again.

So I’m trying. With this blog. And I’ll find something at the end of the rainbow. Don’t you know? I always do. Because I’m born on *’Rainbow Day’.

P.S. M**, if you read this someday, thank you for giving me the idea of ‘Rainbow Day’.